" W E ' R E  G O N N A  N E E D  A  L O N G E R  W E E K . "

This promo pack is designed, curated, and targeted
towards grabbing the attention of advertisers.
As a homage to jaws, I did a (mini) temporary
redesign of the Discovery Channel logo to
reflect the promotion of Shark Week, paying
homage to the Jaws era. Unlike the culture of Jaws,
however, this promo pack pushes towards
educating the receiver on the on the
real facts – the dangers these predators face
– and encourages the conservation of sharks.  

* Please read the note at the very bottom. 



S C H O O L  of  V I S U A L  A R T S
I N S T R U C T O R  :  B R Y A N  F A R E V A A G
2 0 1 4

S E L E C T E D  P I E C E  for  G R A P H I S  
N E W  T A L E N T  A N N U A L  2 0 1 5




*  I M P O R T A N T  :  P L E A S E  R E A D  *

Please do your part to help the
ocean. There are many species of sharks
that are now endangered due to overfishing, 
long lining, pollution, and more. 

In Chinese culture, sharks are especially
sought after for their fins because of the high
demand of shark fin soup, which is thought
to be a delicacy since the early dynasties. 
After all their fins are sliced off, the fishermen
proceed to either butcher them further, or toss
them back into the ocean –  alive. 

Sharks breathe by streaming water through
their gills meaning that since these fin-less
sharks are immobile, they slowly suffocate
to death and get eaten by other animals. 

This is just one of the many horrific
situations that shark population is suffering
from. The extinction of these animals would
cause our ecosystem to become imbalanced. 
They have been roaming the oceans for
over 450 million years. The world
needs them, and so do we. 

To learn more about shark endangerment
and conservation, I highly recommend the
documentary, Sharkwater (written, produced
and directed by Rob Stewart).