Hello, darlinG


Siena is a professional Canadian from the city of
Vancouver and has been living on the East Coast for over
five years. She is a recent graduate of the School of
Visual Arts
 and has a BFA in Graphic Design.

Though she never really shuts up about Sharks, Harry Potter,
food, or cartoons, Siena is passionate about the many different
forms of both art and design. If she is not binge-watching
Bob's Burgers, you can find Siena doodling in her sketchbook
(see here and here), searching for branding and packaging
inspiration, eating, wondering what colour she should dye her
hair next  (re: ash blonde, pink, red, lavender, plum, grey, 
grey-blue, ash purple), and/or lost in her music with
her two loveable cats, (Marshm)ellie and Tigre.


M I L D L Y  I N T E R E S T I N G  F A C T S :

"Siena" and "Tan" are both colours (if you add an
extra "n" to "Siena"). Colours are cool, I guess.

When she was 3, Siena somehow managed to get her
head stuck between two poles. Even more brilliant
is the fact that her parents managed to get her out.

Around the age of 8, Siena got stuck in a chair
similar to this design (imagine her facedown with the
chair around her torso). I don't even...what?